[Can you eat preserved eggs in the third trimester]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can you eat preserved eggs in the third trimester]_Pregnancy_Impact

After pregnancy, women’s body changes greatly, and their diet will be very different from before.

Some women will especially like to eat. Some women’s original food is particularly annoying during pregnancy. Among them, there are many eggs.Favorite food, can you eat preserved eggs in the third trimester?

Preserved eggs are rich in protein and can be eaten by pregnant women, but not suitable for large amounts.

Pregnant women cannot eat preserved eggs and watch the fetuses in their stomach grow up day by day. It is the happiest thing for all expecting mothers!

October’s hard pregnancy, just hope that the baby in the stomach can come to the happy life in this world safely and healthily.

Therefore, many expectant mothers pay special attention to the diet during pregnancy for the health of hypertension.

So, can pregnant women eat preserved eggs?

Let’s find out!

Preserved eggs are food made from fresh duck eggs marinated in a special way.

Duck eggs changed from fresh to preserved eggs, the increase in the amount of reduced, protein, little change in aunt.

However, the sodium content in preserved eggs is much higher than that of duck eggs. This is because during the preparation of preserved eggs, the salt and alkali added to the sludge contain sodium, which can penetrate into the preserved eggs through the tiny gaps in the shell.

Preserved egg tastes astringent, astringent, sweet, salty, cold, and enters the stomach meridian; it has the effects of soothing the throat, removing heat, sobering up, removing intestinal fire, and treating diarrhea.

If mixed with vinegar, it can clear away heat and anti-inflammatory, nourish the mind and body, and nourish fitness; it is used to treat periodontal disease, aphtha, dry throat and thirst.

Therefore, pregnant mothers can eat some preserved eggs properly, which has certain effects on physical health.

But do n’t eat more!

Because preserved eggs contain a certain amount of lead, they can cause lead poisoning if eaten regularly.

The manifestations are insomnia, joint pain, anemia, inattention, activeness, slow thinking, severe mental retardation and brain dysfunction.

Lead will replace calcium in the human body and cause calcium deficiency.

It is not advisable to eat more in summer. The hot summer weather and high temperature will weaken people’s gastrointestinal function and reduce gastric secretion.

So in this season, gastric juice is generally more important to the human body.

However, preserved eggs contain a large amount of alkaline substances, which will quickly neutralize gastric acid after eating, thereby reducing the protective effect of gastric juice on the stomach and affecting the body’s digestion and absorption of food.


The benefits of eating preserved eggs for pregnant women Preserved eggs are made from duck eggs as raw materials, and are made by pickling and processing through a special manufacturing process. Therefore, preserved eggs have both the nutritional value of duck eggs and their special nutrients.Good food!

To help you better understand, let’s introduce it in detail!

1. The nutritional composition of preserved eggs is very similar to that of ordinary eggs, and the process of pickling has undergone the action of strong alkalis, so that the protein and decomposition are decomposed, it becomes easier to digest and absorb, and it becomes less and less.

2, Xin, astringent, sweet, salty, cold, enter the stomach meridian; have throat soothing, remove heat, sober, go to the large intestine fire, cure diarrhea and other effects.

If mixed with vinegar, it can clear away heat and anti-inflammatory, nourish the mind and body, and nourish fitness; it is used to treat periodontal disease, aphtha, dry throat and thirst.

3, because preserved eggs are made from strong alkaline substances such as lime, they can naturally neutralize our stomach acid, and have a certain relief effect on stomach pain or stomach disease caused by stomach acid.

4, the method of making preserved eggs determines that preserved eggs contain very rich minerals, which can effectively promote digestion and absorption and increase people’s appetite.

5. Preserved eggs also protect blood vessels.

It also improves IQ and protects brain function.

Therefore, preserved eggs have certain benefits for the pregnant mother’s diet. However, preserved eggs should not be eaten too much at one time, nor can they be consumed in large amounts for a long time!