[Benefits of eating ginger in the morning]_Eating ginger_Morning_Efficacy

[Benefits of eating ginger in the morning]_Eating ginger_Morning_Efficacy

Everyone has eaten ginger in the usual times. Generally, ginger in the morning not only prevents colds, but also helps improve the body’s immune function, but in the evening, do not eat ginger, because this stage is likely toAs a result, there are problems with our body quality and may even cause adverse reactions, so eating ginger in the morning is very beneficial and can help improve the body’s resistance.

The ancients said, “Three slices of ginger in the morning. After drinking ginseng soup, eating ginger at night is equivalent to eating arsenic.

“This means that eating ginger in the morning is good for your body, and eating it in the evening will harm your health.

Does this statement really make sense?

Ginger (for photo / visual China) In fact, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, this kind of saying passed down by the ancients has some truth.

In the early morning, the gas in the stomach is about to rise. The ginger is acrid and warm, and contains active ingredients such as gingerol. Eating ginger can warm the spleen and warm the stomach, and paving the way for the digestion and absorption of food throughout the day.The volatile oil in the blood can speed up the blood circulation, excite the nerves, and make the whole body warm.

In addition, if you have a cold and a cold, drinking ginger soup will also slow down your cold symptoms.

However, at night, the human body should be converged with yang and yin outside, so you should eat foods that clear heat and digestion, which is more conducive to rest at night, and the gingerol contained in ginger can stimulate paralysis and can be paralyzed during the day.Enhance the function of the spleen and stomach. At night, it may affect sleep injury and a major problem of complications. Secondly, the Xin Wen’s divergent effect of ginger will affect people’s normal rest at night, and eating Xin Wen’s ginger at night can easily produce internal heat.”I’m getting angry” symptoms.

It’s a bit exaggerated to say that it’s like arsenic, but it’s not good for sleep.

Therefore, eating ginger in the morning has many benefits to the body, and it should not be eaten in large quantities at night.

However, eating a small amount of ginger at night, some of which use ginger as a seasoning and stir-fry, will not pose a health hazard.

In general, the general principle of eating ginger is that wind chills are suitable, fever is not suitable, chills are suitable, and heat is not suitable.

Ginger’s biggest role is to prevent colds and colds. On the contrary, if the symptoms are fever and dry mouth and sore throat, then don’t “put oil on the fire”.

In addition, people with constipation should eat less ginger, because constipation mostly belongs to intestinal fever, if you eat ginger at this time, it will also worsen the symptoms.

Especially remind everyone, do not eat rotten ginger, which contains toxic substances that can induce liver cancer and so on.