Extramarital affairs: who’s wrong, who’s pain?

Extramarital affairs: who’s wrong, who’s pain?

After a night of dreaming, the pillow was still wet.

I stretched out my hand to turn on the bed light, leaned lightly on the bedside, lit a cigarette, and looked at the rising smoke, still light and soft, just like my own figure.

At that time, he often embraced my thin waist and whispered in his ears, and I turned around to surround him, raising a soft gaze, a blush flew up my cheek, so he was drunk, and I was also drunkAmong them.

 However, after all, you will not get drunk.

All this is like a dream, if not too many scars are in sight, even myself often doubt whether all this is your own imagination.

I felt a pain in my fingers, and then I realized that the smoke had burned to my fingers, and my fingers were connected to my heart.

At that time, he once said that he hated women smoking, and now he hates it.

Sometimes, it is not necessary to smoke a cigarette, just to drive away the hurt and loneliness, sometimes now.

I was an unwelcome person when I was born.

Because the father had a single generation of three generations, he urgently needed a son who inherited the incense to feel relieved. The birth of his sister was enough disappointment. Therefore, everyone put all their hopes on the next one. It was a desperate attempt. So, I was born untimelyIt completely shattered the grandmother’s and father’s dreams of succession.

Had it not been for my mother’s insistence, I would have been sent away.

Plus, when I caught up with family planning and the fine was downgraded, my birth brought a series of doom.

Alas, I grew up in hatred and indifference.

The first time I saw the story of the ugly duckling, I cried.

Wearing my sister’s old clothes, timid and cowardly, it seems that no one can feel my presence at home and school.

I always thought about leaving this home without warmth.

I know that only by studying hard can we leave all this.

My sister-in-law was admitted to university and returned to my parents after graduation.

Soon, the talented sister got a decent and stable job.

One year later, I met Ruyi Langjun, a young and promising young teenager.

Now the baby can walk.

Apart from blessing, I can’t help but sigh, fate will be like people, so eccentric.

But I also got into college, but I didn’t learn Chinese very well.

Although my parents scratched their lips and let me choose a popular major, I still insisted on my choice.

As a result, the joy of going online after the college entrance examination made my stubbornness disappear.

This strengthened my determination to leave far away.

Siyi didn’t foresee his love. He once read Qiong Yao’s novels in high school. At that time, he was not obsessed with love, but only to comfort his cold heart in the fantasy of pure love and seek a touch of emotional comfort.Because I have been growing up in neglect.

 Later, I fell in love with San Mao again, and dreamed that one day, Jose, who was waiting for her growing up, would hold a camel, gently hold her hand, and go to the depths of the desert to watch the sunset.Far away, and finally dissolved into the bloody sun, where there is the warmth of Jose, and the warmth of the sun .

At the age of three or five, the ugly duckling finally turned into a white swan.

That summer, I never paid attention to what I wore and put on a white dress. The roommates were astounded and my face turned red. I thought it was just a joke and went to the library as always.

At noon, while washing dishes in the cafeteria, I met the popular lover in the department, who was tall and handsome and always turned a blind eye to me.

This time approached me abnormally, saying that I was like a valley lily.

Curiously looked at herself in front of the mirror of the teaching building, and found for the first time that she was so beautiful and dusty.

As a result, I gradually had a dim and hazy love, a talent of the Chinese Department. I have been fascinated for a long time, and naturally got an electric shock. However, like many campus loves, this love started shortly after,As graduation came to an end, he chose the principal’s daughter, stayed in school, and love was so realistic.

Eachother, everything is hypocritical and vulnerable.

  After graduating, Liu Liu declined his parents’ arrangements. After many setbacks, he was admitted to a prefecture-level city with beautiful scenery as a civil servant.

Life is stable and leisurely. Although the salary is not high, fortunately, I don’t have too much luxury for life, so my life is flat and unpredictable.

Although there are many boys around me who turn around, I always can’t talk about enthusiasm.Lonely and indifferent women are not very popular today, so they are slowly trying to marry me homelessly.

In the small and honest town, I have become an optional refreshment in the lives of men who want to be close to me, and this main course is glanced at when tasteless and lonely, like a painting and a clusterFlowers, just adjust the visual fatigue.

I like to watch the sunset at the edge of the water every day in the town, although it is not as spectacular as the sunset in the desert, the desolation, and the warmth of my “Jose”.

 Later, at the waterside that must go every day, I met him-the second figure in the town.

Although the Air Force had met him at the venue, he was on the podium at that time, upright and chic, and complemented his segmentation, but it was only a good impression for a while, and that’s it.

Other than that, he is not associated with himself.

  Will he also have leisurely feelings lingering here?

The second time I met him at the water’s edge was late autumn, it was windy, and it was raining. There was no sunset, and going to the water’s edge became a habit after dinner.

The weather was bad and there were few people. When I was about to return, it was just the two of us.

In the twilight, I hugged a part and nodded past him as a greeting.

He offered to drive me, I do n’t know why, I did n’t refuse.

The car was very warm, and I felt the familiar warmth beside him.

But I know, it doesn’t belong to me.

 七  He sent me downstairs.

Say thank you and go upstairs, then turn on the lights.

Going to the window, he over looked subconsciously, and his car parked there for a long, long time.

Is it that there is something in mind?

I have the kind of heartbeat that I have long lost in my first love.

I stayed up all night.

If he were an ordinary man, how good his daughter would be without his family without his wife.

However, he has everything, and if I approach him, he will become an abominable third party, and he is suspected of betraying himself for power.

Let everything disappear in the bud.

But, just when my heart calmed down.

He unexpectedly appeared in my hut, staring deeply at me. When his lips kissed me gently, I knew that my sanity and my prevention were all over.

  He told me that he always wanted to have a lover as beautiful as Lily, and finally found it.

Although it was too late to meet, he would love me forever.

 I do n’t want any fame, I just want to be warm forever.

Promise me forever, isn’t it enough?

Ba Although my love is invisible.

But it grows wild in the dark.

There are too many things to ignore him, he has to maintain his public image, and he has to play the role of a good husband and father.

There is too little time left for me.

He is very clean, and I just want his love, so he only gave me a jade bracelet, he said that jade is spiritual, and he was with me when he was away.

What I longed for was a spiritual backing. Although I could find the warmth and solidity I needed in his arms, it was too short.

Perhaps it is precious only for a short time.

However, he rarely stayed with me.

So, only this cold jade bracelet accompanied me.

If there is a feeling of warmth, it is only my body temperature.

He slept in his home, a place where he should stay righteously, with a woman who was righteous.

and I?I do n’t know, he keeps his wife in his arms, will he remember me?

Jiuyi always came in a hurry every time he came, as soon as he met, he went straight to the subject, as if there was only one thing left when he met, and it seemed that he only had meaning to that thing, and he took me aliveIgnored.

I have but one thing, he hastily took it out of his bag without ignoring it.

He told me that I was afraid that I was pregnant by accident, and it would be very painful to perform the operation, and he distressed me.

 十 十 太多 When there are too many and too many, it’s just that I’m looking forward to it alone, looking forward to his phone or text message.

  In the past, he would often send text messages to send his thoughts, his love, I can only return when he sends text messages, the rest of the time can not send.

Afraid to cause him the expected trouble.

This is what he has repeatedly told.

And I don’t want to destroy anything.

 Later, his text messages gradually decreased.

In the end, it was normal for business, and sometimes I even forwarded some funny text messages sent by others to show that I still remember me.

He who is more understanding and forgiving will be sad, let alone love is selfish.

See you again. He hurried to unbutton my clothes. I held down his hand and asked him why the text message was so stingy?

His answer is busy or busy.

When he subsided, I noticed that there was a hint of coolness in his eyes.

For so long, for the first time I felt his eyes so cold.

Eleven Eleven made several painful determinations, turned off the phone after work, slowly forgot all of this, and returned to the past.

 However, I was wrong. I understand that if you fall in love with someone, you will lose even your sanity and self-esteem. If a woman truly gives herself to this person, she will follow this person with a reverence.

Although he made me very disappointed.

In the end, he saw me less and less.

But I still couldn’t help thinking about him.

I’ve been thinking about it since the first time . how good life would be if I first saw it!