[Ten years of life and death]

[Ten years of life and death]

Legend has it that when God created man, he was monosexual. Unexpectedly, the power generated by monosexuality was astonishing, and the destruction formed a threat to his own strength.

So God cut his sword and separated men and women.

Since then, this half and that half have been separated in the vast crowd.

He and she called each other, some got a response, and some died forever!

  The original purpose of wanting extramarital affairs in the next life (promiscuity and drama in the field are not included in this “love”), that’s why!

Unfortunately, in the eyes of a man, extramarital affairs is at best a love affair, a red cherry on the cake of his life; for a woman, extramarital affairs is a path highlighted in her dull and plain emotional life.

  In fact, she knew that it was just a cool moonlight reflection on the surface of the river at night. Below was an unpredictable turbulent undercurrent, and the woman was still brave on the road.

Therefore, the extra-marital affair is always so beautiful to a woman!

Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, whenever a man and a woman meet to go high and fly high, it is a woman who waits for luggage early to wait!

Therefore, once a woman’s love is planted in an extramarital affair, it almost ends in tragedy.

From Anna Kalenina to Camilla: Anna ended in suicide on the rails; a big hit between the master and the servant on the beach in the 1920s: the wealthy queen Huiru ran away with a chartered driver in the home of a wife and children,Finally both were arrested and brought to justice by the Wang family.

Chartered driver Lu Genrong sat in prison for three years and returned to his family. Miss Wang’s illegitimate son was sent to the nursery, and he was sent to his nun by his family.

Until the 1950s after the liberation, Wang Huiru, who had already returned to the middle ages, returned to Shanghai to find Lu Genrong. If he wanted to continue his frontier, Lu Genrong, who was already a descendant, would no longer feel like this . Camilla may be aExceptionally, the love finally came to fruition, but the curtain fell. The US Global Weekly revealed that Charles 20 also had a secret Canadian mistress Janet, and has published some of the love letters Charles wrote to her online. The longest announcementUp to 6 pages.

Heartbroken Camilla said that in the past 20 years, Charles has never written any such so passionate love letter to her.

  A woman with self-esteem can bear the burden of humiliation for the other half to play the role of a disgraceful lover in the irony of the world, but she will never play the role of a mistress.

In their dictionary, although there is only one word difference between a lover and a mistress, the connotation is completely different: there can only be one lover, but there can be several mistresses at the same time.

No wonder Camilla is about to collapse.

  Many people are so. When he returned home, he didn’t return when the pillow man should get home.

You feel a bit lost-a loss that has no sense of romance at all, like the old place where you should be able to touch your own key or oil bottle or salt bowl when you reach out, but suddenly you find it empty.

  : TV, the city news at 6:30 in the evening is broadcasting a car accident that just happened, a familiar leather shoe is grabbing into your sight-you often accuse his leather shoes of being gray-headed and gray-headed, deformed badly, but he argues, The older the shoes, the more comfortable-you crash!

That feeling is as strong as if you suddenly noticed that you are blind or have paralyzed limbs.

  But slowly, the door key rang, and he appeared in time, carrying a string of hairy crabs.

For the first time, you feel that the pair of old leather shoes that once made you angry is so precious to you!

  At night, cuddling with him next to you, you are sure that you have already found this half, and each of them has successfully overcome the exclusivity in the body and merged into one.

  You are determined to firmly hold this half, otherwise if you lose, you are far from helpless, but since then, you have been incomplete.