Facial yoga creates sharp little faces

Facial yoga creates sharp little faces

[Introduction]Morning and night, use the lotion along the texture of the skin, and pat it from bottom to top, and pat from the inside to the outside, so that the contour of the face is firmer, the skin is more transparent and tender.

  Step 1: Tap with lotion to speed up blood circulation and eliminate edema. Use lotion along the skin’s texture in the morning and evening. Tap from bottom to top and tap from inside to outside to make the contour of the face firmer, skin more transparent, tender and smooth.
  step1: Dip a sufficient amount of lotion on both sides of the makeup paper, pat it from the chin, and extend it to the ears, as long as there is a little “slap, pop” sound when tapping, don’t hit it.

  step2: Gently pat your cheeks and forehead from bottom to top, pat your entire face 50?
100 times.

When the cotton pad feels good, replenish the lotion, otherwise it will easily pull on the skin.

  step3: After the slap is finished, gently cover the entire face with warm palms, you can pull up slightly to make the skin firmer.

  Step 2: Facial Yoga for thin face, the skin is elastic, firm and bright, and the supplemental lotion is added to the skin, and the key facial yoga exercises are added to improve the facial lines, eliminate the law lines, and solve the double chin.Tight and bright skin is close at hand, mm will do it quickly.

  step1: With the clavicle as the center, insert it upwards and downwards to expel toxins from the body.

  step2: Put your finger on your shoulder, turn your elbow back and forth over your head, and do it 8 times.

  step3: Start gently pulling both hands from below the ears to stimulate the lymph and promote blood circulation to the face and head.

  step4: Use the fingertips to massage the double of the head in a circular manner, as if pulling the muscles behind the brain.

This improves the lines on the face.

  step5: Block the eyebrow with your thumb and abdomen for 3 seconds and repeat 3 times to reduce intraocular pressure.

  step6: Press the middle finger directly under the black eyeball for 3 seconds to eliminate eye fatigue and lighten the dark circles.

  step7: Put the second joint of the fist under the cheekbones of the cheeks, and do it 3 times like pushing the meat up.

  Step8: Raise your face upwards, extend your tongue to the maximum limit and keep doing it for about 5 seconds and 3 times, you can solve the double chin.