[Eating hot pepper and onion]_Anal pain_Cause

[Eating hot pepper and onion]_Anal pain_Cause

Usually eating too much pepper will not only cause bad irritation and impact on the stomach, because the pepper is not fully broken down, it will be transferred outside the body, and it will cause hot pain in the anus when experiencing the anus, especially if it has anorectal disease.People, this pain will be more obvious, so in daily life, you should eat less pepper, you should be able to eat pepper for hemorrhoids.

After eating hot chili hot peppers into spicy food.

Stool contains a lot of capsaicin.

Capsaicin stimulates the anal mucosa. If you suffer from hemorrhoids or anal sinusitis and have pain, the chance of burning is very high.

It is recommended to comment on a light diet and eat as little spicy food as possible.

The dangers of excessive spiciness

Eating spicy causes more sensitivity!

In China, 36% of people consider themselves sensitive skin, but do you know which province has the highest proportion of people with sensitive skin?

A well-known international skincare expert conducted a test on sensitive skin in Sichuan and found some facts: the proportion of sensitive skin in Sichuan is higher than in other parts of China.

Experts believe that this has a lot to do with people in Sichuan who like to eat peppers, because peppers contain spicy elements, and excessive amounts will cause skin sensitivity.


Spicy makes your skin dry!

Research from Singapore shows that in a perfume processing factory, 26% of workers will feel a burning and dry skin, because their ground chili or pepper will release spicy ingredients, which will cause the skin’s stratum corneum to containReduced water volume.

You can also recognize the control of moisture by spicy ingredients when you apply slimming products containing chili ingredients. It is naturally a good thing to deal with edema of the calf, but it is definitely a bad dream for dry skin.


Spicy is the enemy of acne muscles!

If your acne spreads, your doctor will advise you to avoid it and not to eat spicy food.

This is because in many cases, the generation of adult acne originates from damp heat in the body, while over-eating spicy food will easily aggravate the damp heat in the body, which will cause further deterioration of the acne.

Although pepper can exert a certain detoxification effect, excessive intake of pepper can cause internal secretion disorders.