How do you recommend seven ingredients for the long spots at both ends?

How do you recommend seven ingredients for the long spots at both ends?

Tomatoes and tomatoes are really a good thing. He can eat raw beauty and juice can make a mask.

It is rich in vitamins, which can effectively inhibit the biochemical substances in the skin, so that the formation of melanin is affected, thus better freckle.

Apple apples are rich in nutritive value. The large amount of water and various moisturizing factors contain moisturizing effects on the skin. Vitamin C in apples can effectively inhibit melanin in the skin. From eating apples regularly, it can effectively lighten or remove skin

Lemon lemon is definitely the beauty of fruit, and it is rich in vitamin C and calcium as a raw material for cosmetics and skin care products.

Carrot is also one of the vegetables we see most often. It is rich in carotene, vitamin A, and a glass of carrot juice per day, which can effectively remove freckles and prevent freckles.

Peanuts and sesame paste Peanuts and sesame seeds are the first choice for anti-aging in 30-year-old women. This is mainly due to their own vitamin E, while preventing the effect of brown pigment on the skin and avoiding the formation of spots and butterfly spots.

Soybean soybeans contain a lot of vitamin E, which can effectively destroy the chemical activity of free radicals in the body, prevent pigmentation in the body, and thus achieve the effect of freckle. Jujube black fungus soup red dates and black fungus are all nourishing products for girls, uninterrupted every day.It can effectively remove freckles and make skin more elastic and elastic.