Some old people are not sick

Some old people are not sick

Many elderly people often feel some symptoms and may be worried about getting sick.

In fact, for the elderly, some problems are not sick, no need to make a fuss.

  Old people often feel dry eyes, basically because of age, tear secretion is gradually reduced, can not guarantee the moisturization and smoothness of the eyes, not disease.

The way to relieve dry eyes is to pay attention to work and rest, avoid glare, high temperature stimulation, and do eye exercises regularly.

  Some old people get up, lie down, turn over, and they will feel dizzy. They feel that they are spinning or the things around themselves are rotating. This is because the blood pressure is not adjusted in time when the position changes, causing a short blood supply to the brain.

Relax with a little rest.

  Some elderly people often hear the sound of bones and joints.

This is because the joint lubrication of the old man is reduced, the friction of the joint is increased, and the joint is heard.

In fact, the epidermis is not red, not swollen, and does not feel pain. You don’t have to worry about no movement disorder.

Such elderly people need more activities to avoid maintaining the same posture continuously.

  Old people often have tinnitus, often expressed as snoring, snoring, bells and so on.

This does not have to worry too much. The incidence of tinnitus in elderly people over 60 years old is as high as 30%, which is basically caused by the degenerative changes of the auditory nervous system with age.

  If the old man suddenly appears black spots flying in front of him, like a mosquito flying in front of his eyes, it is more obvious when the light is bright or against a white background. This phenomenon is a mosquito.

It is a degenerative change that does not affect vision. If there is no eye organ damage after examination, there is not much harm.