Bath body care 5

Bath body care 5

The sixth section of the medicated bath is a decoction or infusion solution in which the medicine is added to the bath water, or a method of fitness prevention and treatment by directly bathing the whole body with the traditional Chinese medicine vapor or fumigation of the affected part.

  In the medicated bath, in addition to the physical and chemical effects of water itself (mainly warming effect), it is mainly the effect of drugs on the human body.

The active ingredient of the aqueous solution of the drug enters the body from the body surface and the respiratory mucosa, and can pass through the functions of Shutong Tongluo, promoting blood circulation, dispelling wind and dispelling cold, clearing away heat and detoxifying, relieving dampness and relieving itching.

Modern covenant research also confirmed that after the odor of the drug enters the human body, it can increase the content of certain immunoglobulins in the blood, thereby achieving the purpose of physical fitness.

  The use of medicated baths has been conservative for a long time.

According to the report, since the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, the popular fragrant soup bath has been cleaned with Pelan Jiantang.

During the Song and Ming Dynasties, the fragrant soup bath triggered the folks, and there appeared a “perfume line” for people to wash the aromatic bath, and formed certain customs.

For example, on the day of the Spring Festival, use the five-fragrance soup (Lanxiang, Nepeta, Lingling, White Sandalwood, Woody) to bathe, after the bath, the exciting body fragrance, the spirit is uplifting; the spring February 2nd take the simmering soup to bathe,”; in the summer with five soups (guizhi, 槐 ,, peach branches, willow branches, hemp branches) bath, can dispel the wind, drive scorpion venom, nourishing blood.

In the Qing Dynasty, medicated baths were not only used as a method of fitness and longevity, but also widely used in the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases.

  First, the use of medicated bath forms are diverse, commonly used in dip bath, fumigation, hot three.

For health care, it is more common to bathe.

  (1) Dip the medicine with gauze, add about 10 times of water, soak for 20 minutes, decoct for 30 minutes, pour the liquid into the bath water, then dip bath.

A dose of 2 can be used?
3 times, each bath for 20 minutes, once a day.

The whole body can be bathed and also partially blistered.

  (2) Fumigation Put the medicine into the gauze bag, add it to the insertion container, decoct it, and fumigate it with the hot air generated during boiling; or use the steam room for whole body bath therapy.

  Usually, the temperature of the sputum liquid is high. When it is vapour, it is first fumigated and then rinsed. When the temperature is repeated, it can be bathed (usually 37 °C?
At 42 ° C), dip bath again.

  (3) Hot compressing the medicine into two gauze bags, steaming through the drawers or steamers, and alternately placing hot spots on the heat, which can be massaged for better effect.

Every time 20?
30 minutes, 1 per day?
2 times, 2?
3 weeks is a course of treatment.

Mostly used for treatment and rehabilitation.

  Second, the medicated bath depicts the fragrant medicine bath Beans (“Taiping Shenghui Fang”)” “Soybean five liters, Chixiaodou four, 苜蓿 five two, Lingling five five, winter melon six points, clove two two, musk half two(fine research), Mao Xiang three two, five pigs and pancreas.

(fine cut) on the nine flavors, 捣 罗 为 is scattered, and the pig plasma, 捣 uniform.

When used, it is combined with a small amount of water to wash the hands and the whole body.

It has a body care and moisturizing effect.

(Mulgar price can not be used) skin care beauty mung bean, lily, borneol 10g, talc, white aconite, white peony, white sandalwood, rosin each 30g, grinding into the soup bath, can make the face and body white and delicate.

  Vinegar fumigation party press 3?
Calculate 5mI / m2, take vinegar in the pot, add 2?
3 times the water, heated to evaporate, so that the vapor fills the space, people indoors, once a day, for 3 consecutive times?
5 days, the flu is effective; the vinegar is also placed in an enamel cup and heated, and the hot steam is breathed with the nose for 15 minutes each time for 2 consecutive times?
3 times, it is also good for colds.

  Scallion white scallion 500g, shredded, add musk 2.

5g mix well, aliquot 2 parts of gauze bag, first put a bag on the umbilical with a hot iron hot, 30 minutes a change, cure sputum closure.