Man, how does the ejaculation pleasure disappear?

Man, how does the ejaculation pleasure disappear?

I had the pleasure of ejaculation before, but then disappeared. It should belong to the secondary ejaculation sensation. As for the ejaculation sensation that never experienced ejaculation, it seems that it should belong to the primary ejaculation.

  It is widely believed that lack of pleasure is a woman’s “patent”, and a few men claim that they lack pleasure in ejaculation, especially when some men complain that their relationship is harmonious, family is full of family fun, and in the past few years when ejaculation”There is a sense of pleasure”, “can reach the climax”, but then I don’t know why, and I feel nothing.

  This means that there was a thrill in ejaculation before, but it disappeared later. It should belong to the lack of secondary ejaculation. As for those who have never experienced ejaculation, it seems that they should belong to the primary ejaculation.

  Their lives are often unchanged, they are not sick, they have no extramarital affairs, they have no quarrels, and there is no tension or change in their work. Even the examination of the urinary reproductive system and the nervous system is not found. The doctor seems to be unable to explain this phenomenon.

This is indeed a rare and interesting situation, and such problems are encountered in clinical consultation work from time to time.

  Although the patient’s sexual desire is normal, can erect, can also ejaculate, but still can not completely rule out the neurological problems.

Most people equate “ejaculation” with “climax”, which is actually different from fashion.

Ejaculation is a kind of reflex activity dominated by the spinal cord, and the climax is a kind of consciousness of the cerebral cortex stimulated by ejaculation to the sense of the body. In other words, ejaculation occurs in the spinal cord and the climax occurs in the brain. Therefore, the climax depends on intactSpinal cord brain bundle.

The only reasonable explanation for the lack of ejaculation sensation is that neurological damage affects the specific neural pathway responsible for the climactic sensation without harming other spinal thalamus bundles.

Early or local multiple sclerosis damage can have this effect.

  If we exclude all possible physical reasons, another explanation is that the patient has certain psychological factors.

The sense of sensation that evokes ejaculation is “pleasant”, which depends to a large extent on psychological factors.

There are various contradictions in sexuality. There are various unresolved crimes or guilts about sexual pleasure. Unpleasant sexual experiences in childhood and unpleasant experiences related to ejaculation in adolescence can inhibit the happy response of the cerebral cortex to ejaculation.

Men with forced personality are more likely to have this consequence.

  A detailed understanding of the patient’s sexual history, sexual attitudes, traumatic experiences, and guilty feelings about sexual susceptibility prompted the identification of psychological factors.

Psychological analysis of deep inner conflicts is often time consuming and laborious, and the value of treatment is limited.

Sexual treatment should try to take more practical types of psychotherapy. At this time, the patient should be introduced to all kinds of information that he has mastered, and the relevant psychological factors should be directly dealt with and efforts should be made to solve these problems as soon as possible.