Men drink beer and gain weight, be careful to grow a woman’s chest

Men drink beer and gain weight, be careful to grow a woman’s chest

Why do people who usually drink beer have a “beer belly”, and people who drink wine always maintain a slim figure?

Why haven’t you heard of “whiskey belly” and “something wine belly” related to any other alcoholic beverage?

Is it really because the conversion of beer is particularly high and people gain weight, making people a big belly?

Oh, actually, no.

This has nothing to do with calories, because any alcoholic beverage contains virtually the same.

  People who love to drink beer have one thing in common: most of them are big belly, and the dark color is also obviously fat, showing typical feminine signs.

This points us to a clear path to find the answer: may be related to sex hormones?

Indeed, hops, like one of its close relatives, cannabis, are rich in “phytoestrogens,” a plant-active substance that has similar efficacy to estrogen.

  In fact, the relationship between beer – mainly hops – and sex, is not new knowledge in folk wisdom.

For example, in the past when the hand-picked hops were reduced, the harvest season has just arrived, and the women workers who have been picked have come to menstruation; young boys are advised that drinking hops of tea often eliminates masturbation because hops can suppress sexual desire;The mothers of the children were called to give them half a liter of beer or milk, and it was confirmed at the time that half a liter of beer could indeed double the amount of prolactin in the blood. As the name suggests, this hormone can stimulateThe secretion of milk.

However, these folk citations have not yet been recognized by the medical community.

  However, how can hormones bloated in the stomach and chest?

Can you still think of a cattle feed scandal that happened in previous years?

Yes, it involves estrogen and other chemical derivatives.

The metabolism of estrogen in the construction of muscle tissue is weaker than that of androgen, but it can increase the slightness, while the slight storage in the organ tissue makes the human or animal look full.

You should now understand why people who usually drink beer will have a “beer belly”!