[Hawthorn and jujube soaking effect]_ grasp _ benefits

[Hawthorn and jujube soaking effect]_ grasp _ benefits

Hawthorn and red dates are two of the most common foods in our daily lives. When we are traveling with indigestion or lack of appetite, we will think of eating some hawthorn to relieve symptoms. When many girls have insufficient blood and qi, they will alsoEat some red dates to replenish blood.

When we put hawthorn and red dates together to soak water, it not only has a cosmetic effect, but also has certain effects on protecting the liver and lowering blood pressure in pregnant women with cancer.

The effect of hawthorn and red jujube soaking water protects the liver. Hawthorn contains ursolic acid, which can reduce the probability of animal micro-deposition on the blood vessel wall, and can also promote the metabolism of pregnant women by insulin. Pregnant women with liver disease can eat fat to protect the liver.

The sugars, trace amounts, and proteins in red dates can help the liver synthesize proteins, increase the serum albumin content, and adjust the ratio of albumin to globulin.

In addition, it also contains carbon trioxide compounds, which can inhibit the activity of hepatitis virus, thereby producing the effect of strengthening the spleen and liver.

The B vitamins in beauty dates are very rich, it can promote blood circulation, can smooth the skin and hair, and can reduce the generation of facial wrinkles. Moreover, dates are also rich in vitamin C, which can lighten the effect of spots, andCan improve the function of capillary walls, and hawthorn contains flavonoids, which can remove free radicals in the body, can delay aging well, so drinking hawthorn red date water can whiten the skin, make the skin smooth and richelasticity.

Aloe vera contained in red dates can soften blood vessels and reduce the effect of lowering blood pressure, citric acid and maslinic acid contained in hawthorn can also expand blood vessels, and flavonoids and triketones can reduce the level of serum cholesterol in the human bodyTherefore, eating red dates and hawthorn tea for hypertensive patients is beneficial to their condition.

Vitexin compounds contained in anticancer hawthorn can be used to treat digestive tract cancers. They can interrupt the synthesis of nitrosamines and can inhibit aflatoxin carcinogenesis. Red dates contain phytic acid and betulinic acid, which can inhibit sarcoma.S-180, so drinking hawthorn red date tea can help the body prevent cancer.

The blood and jujube are warm, and the content of calcium and iron in it is relatively rich. Therefore, the elderly can prevent osteoporosis by drinking hawthorn red jujube tea during menopause. Some people can drink hawthorn red jujube tea to supplement calcium, and women can prevent deficiency.Iron anemia.