Launching live broadcasts to promote hoarding, Accor’s single-day sales of flying pigs exceed Double 11

Launching live broadcasts to promote hoarding, Accor’s single-day sales of flying pigs exceed “Double 11”
Recently, Accor Hotel Group launched the latest global membership program “ALL–Accor Live Limitless” on the Flying Pig platform. This is also the first time Accor Hotel Group has launched the membership program in Greater China.On the day of its release, the sales of Accor Hotel Group’s flagship store in Flying Pig soared, breaking through the entire “Double 11” last year.At the same time, Accor Hotel Group launched the lowest hoarding price in the entire network in Feizhu, covering stores across the country, and is valid until the end of the year.The lowest price of Pullman Lijiang Pullman affiliated to a certain Accor is less than 300 yuan per night, Sofitel Sanya Lee & Sofitel, Sofitel Hangzhou West Lake is less than 500 yuan per month.Since signing a strategic partnership with Alibaba Group in November last year, AccorHotels has strengthened the private domain operations of its flagship flagship store through the digital capabilities of the Flying Pig platform.During the epidemic, Accor Hotel Group accumulated fans through live broadcasts and planted grass users in Feizhu to save energy for recovery.Since February 1st, Accor Hotel Group has conducted more than 20 live broadcasts on the Flying Pig platform. The five-star chefs of the hotels in their multiple locations have revealed their secrets online through the Flying Pig live broadcast.Hotel features, brand concepts and health and safety alternatives.In addition to Accor Hotel Group, InterContinental Hotel Group, Kaiyuan Hotel Group, etc. are also strengthening member operations on the Flying Pig platform, through the opening of broadcasts, to promote goods hoarding and other ways to promote the “post-epidemic” recovery of the wine travel industry.At the beginning of April, Banyan Tree Group added more than 2 times the total number of fans on the single day of the Flying Pig Member Day, and the number of store visits hit a historical starting point;In early March, local hotel representative brand Kaiyuan Hotel Group put 10 hotels on the live broadcast of Flying Pig at the same time, driving store fan growth by nearly 45%.Huang Yuzhou, vice president of Feizhu, said that local travel is the first wave of travel recovery. Feizhu has been helping merchants improve their operational capabilities. Merchants have their own traffic and user assets to make the “post-epidemic” recovery more difficult.In addition, the empowerment of the Ali economy has also enabled wine merchants to recover more. High-end hotel brands such as Accor and Shangri-La have launched online hungry takeaway stores during the epidemic and placed five-star takeaway homes; Flying Pig and AlipayThe payment provided by the resident after leaving the store, and the ability to return after the order is placed, also allows consumers to not worry about taking up funds when hoarding travel goods.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Shengnan editor Li Zheng proofreading Chen Diyan picture Feizhu APP screenshot