The last picture in the eyes of the Soviet Union play is raging outside, everyone looked at her deplore look.


  T上海夜网he scourge of years left.
  Hit it died What kind of scourge.
  Fire engines arrived, the Soviet Union play rescued.
  Big Bear woke up again when the world had changed.
  She Laodielaoma a nose a tear flutter in her voice complained of ugly like in the same.
  Spotlight flashed, followed by Admissions Director Min grace would be handed to her acceptance letter.
  After five days in a coma, and the Soviet天津夜网 Union play acceptance letter boarded the headlines.
  After the reporters are gone, her father’s tears seemed to stay on the Tanggula trickle, drip drip also finish.
  Because they are forced to say something to play Sue test prestigious universities, the Soviet Union will be desperate to play.
  Su play:.
  The so-called rescue this matter there is a certain risk.
  After almost died, Big Bear vowed never to save the.
  no way!Otherwise, playing their own face !
  Since then she has to save people, they got their own little life, through to here.
  That much is tears, eat sweet buns guard against shock first.
  Su habitually play out a hand.
  Suddenly felt a sharp next to the line of sight.

  Lu a nod off.


  ”Dial-a chant.”
  Lu counseling counseling a break of Dizhuonaodai.
  Okay, this is not dare.
  Jiang Mian resigned out of cell phone: “number to me.”
  Lu hesitated a break, ginger sleep a cold eye: “Hurry.”
  Lu a scared off hairs stood on end, hastened the numbers reported to her, Jiang called sleep.
  ”Hey.”After a few seconds, there sounded a soft female voice.
  Jiang Mian said: “I ask you Tongyue?”
  ”I am, you are.?”
  Jiang Mian sigh, whispered: “I am a divorced sister, two days he was sick, he.”
  ”What’s up with him?Is it because staying up late heart uncomfortable?In which hospital he?How about now?”Jiang Mian if not finished, the girl’s voice suddenly tense, asked a series of questions over.
  Jiang phone to sleep silly Lu a break, then got up, went to the other side.
  After a while, Lu a smirk ran off laughing into a flower, excited horrendous: “sister, you are my sister pro!”
  Jiang Mian: “.”
  After school, 苏州夜网Jiang Mian went straight to the parking lot, looking for positive Professor Jiang car, loud whistle sounded behind him, looked back, a black car slide over.
  Jiang Mian Lakaijumen sit, found Professor Jiang for a set of casual clothes, did not wear glasses, a bit less warm, more than a few chic, did not look like a college graduate.
  ”Jiang’s teacher, you are so fond of teaching simulation class, how not to shoot into the ring?While filming while a teacher, not in conflict, but also to your face value, do not worry about the fire.”
  Jiang sequence of light simply said: “filming by the director training, teacher training student, you say which is better.”
  Jiang Mian: “.”
  She actually felt very justified.
  Passing through the middle of a supermarket, she let Professor Jiang parking, to see her get off the river in order eyebrows深圳桑拿网 Wei Zhou, followed to get off.

  Su play:.Which are the children.


  She is a freshman at the University of dignified grace Min brand-name universities okay?!
  Speaking on Min Well, the Soviet Union had to play it proud.
  Su father is nouveau riche, you have to play such a daughter Sue.
  Originally named Wan Wan, Wan graceful and moving later to get a look at the identity of the staff typo, playing into “play”.
  Her mother feel very good, there is a sense of chic beings play, but also no change.
  The so-called became apparent, the father and mother busy with work, pl杭州桑拿论坛ay all the way to the Soviet Union barbaric growth.
  Zhesi serious side branches, is the best in Yushu Wai.physical education.
  It is the elite can unexpectedly.
  Su found the time to stroll around to play a private kindergarten on fire.
  Few students to teachers, but to simply save.
  Big Bear had wanted to stay next to the watch, but found that whelp on the second floor crying too unsightly, fire trucks can not get it yet.
  Fire burn more, huge signs in the fall, I did not dare to passers-by rushed.
  Su will play wearing a hat sweater, irritability rushed to carry her chicks like a bear cub, like two kids out fishing.
  At the outset she is definitely not soft-hearted, too, is not good.
  Big Dog people called no skin, deceptive never blush.
  It is those brats crying too hard to see, 上海夜网but also insisted a nose a tear to call my sister.
  Su simply to play a few times to run more smoothly.
  Finally, save the two children, and Sue play was blown in the door hit his leg.
  Only ten meters away from the door, the teachers will bring out the child, but could not save the Soviet Union play.

  ”I heard that a man named Zhou who leaves deep,.It is a pity, that piece of the mountain Yeah, they are family grav广州桑拿网e, a careless father, the eighth generation of ancestors gave their home dug out.”


  Lu Jiayuan’s look a little ugly.
  He will turn their eyes to the Soviet Union rain, he was about to speak, suddenly spoke, “aunt.”
  Lu horizontal look indifferent turned, saw the Sun Liya.
  Since the last private hospital, he told Sun Liya has not seen in a long time.
  Sun Liya as usual with sunglasses.
  She went to the cross in front of the land, remove sunglasses, look a little haggard.
  ”Little cross, I find you something.”
  Then, Sun Liya looked toward the Soviet Union rain.
  Have been prepared reject land cross-eyes a squint, promised.
  ”Little cross.”
  For Sun Liya Lu is no feeling of the cross.
  Because he has not been blinded by the memory of the cross land.
  Juvenile has grown into a man look, wearing a white shirt sitting on the sofa, revealing a cold and wild temperament.
  Extreme contradiction unexpected, but perfect blend of him.
  Angered everyone around frequently with Sight.
  Sun Liya Lu looked at the cross in front, eye color hesitated, thirteen years ago remember things, things subconsciously clenched hands.
  ”Not to say there is something for me.”
  Men sandwiched smoke, white shirt collar button does not buckle wide, clean and beautiful exposed collarbone.
  Slanting sitting head tilt, similar to the kind of paralysis Beijing.
  Arrogant and despotic, but of course.

  ”Sir walking!”


  Defenders guards on both sides of the gun to hit the ground, a schematic salute.
  Parted ways a few military vehicles.
  Pure soldiers opened directly into 深圳桑拿网the barracks, there are girls on top of military vehicles, through the night Guancheng bustling streets, all the way straight on, and finally stopped at a towering hehe of Shuaifu ago.
  This ao is the former founding period on the existence of a hundred years of trials and hardships, making the whole body exudes the taste of ancient majesty.
  As the owner, Marshal Huo home in front of everybody’s image.
  Car stop, the guards to open military vehicle safety catch man down.
  The guards opened the truck door open, tilted his head to squint his eyes.
  I do not know illusion.Quilt on Long Ti seems too passive.
  Before the piece is red, now green piece.
  Guard play to see Su, Su also see him play.
  They see the bastard bastard, was very embarrassed.
  Su rushed the guards smiled play.
  Guard blushed.
  Girl skin white and tender, delicate looks really cute, like a battalion commander keep them in the office delicate daffodils.
  So nice and the poor girl, but fortunately Marshal brillia杭州桑拿洗浴nt save to come back, otherwise called bandits to spoil the living.
  alive.They do not.I do not know who is who wants to spoil.
  Su play past lives that face will be very deceptive, baby face with big eyes, she went to college is often recognized as a junior high school students.
  Once a shop on the street a couple fights, surrounded by a lot of people to watch.
  Zhesi holding sugar peas fart Britain Britain pushed to the inside, he was to come to deal with civil disputes police blocking the eyes, very uneasily personally sent her to the outermost layer, he patted her head and said, very kindly “the kids can not see such a scene, go somewhere else to play.”

  Lin had northbound from the body, stretched it out, Wo Hui quickly put the small group of children hold to the north LinFront row, small group Erque ignored him, turned around and suddenly flew into the arms of Xiao Ruan.


  ”Small group of children, listen to your mother then told soon.”Ruan Xiao pleasantly surprised to cajole.
  Small group of children being held Ruan Xiao, satisfied, loudly crying once admitted, and also faster than the Face.
  Listen Xiao Ruan requirements, small group of children his fist in his mouth hit it twice, the eyes of some confusion, opened his mouth: “”
  Three vocal, articulate more clearly.
  Xiao Ruan elated, clinging to the small group of children in the face, forcefully kissed several times: “Right, right, mother, called this, a small group of children will Jiaoniang.”
  Small group of children very happy, called several times, breath, dancing with joy.
  Poor Lin northbound, to be cast aside, did not care for him.
  The toss, Ruan Xiao has been with a small group of children to play the siesta was able to escape.
  Made in, northbound Lin no longer the lobby, to the left Ruan Xiao, saying the study is to.
  Door and saw Lin northbound are writing, on the table covered with a big banner, is not satisfied with a few written crumpled, lost in the next.
  ”How you played today Masaoki?”Ruan Xiao surprising.
  ”Nothing,” Lin northbound tunnel understatement, “over time around is the grandmother’s birthday, and I wanted to write a full house to the grandmother to do the longevity Longevity.”
  Xiao Ruan hearts of suspicion, could not help but glance at the walls of calligraphy.
  There are pieces made by top artists, next to the most is the last one turned out Mucheng Qing wrote the Diamond Sutra, northbound and Mucheng Qing Lin after a drunk solution resentment, he did not have to say he has not mind, and the painting was hung on the wall Diamond.
  It is really not mind this, or hanging to motivate yourself to t上海夜网ranscend Mucheng Qing in calligraphy?
  Xiao Ruan used to think the former, it seems as though the latter may be a little.
  ”Yes, master, where empty read news yet?”Xiao Ruan branch off the subject.

  Zheng vast and inviting voice said, “right ah, yes, said Shen brother did not mean it majestic.”


  Who can say this, ah, quickly Gurao put this topic to pull away.
  These are all very young girl, I can see more clear Shen inside the main characters on the big guys are respectfully called sister-in-law Wu also received a smoke looked in the eyes.
  Know this exquisite like jade-like girl with them is not the same.
  Even before the opening of the delicate female voice, sitting next to my flat that week, and honestly sat, did not say anything.
  Wu noted that smoke next door there are few empty seats, drinking Simcheong the scoop soup to her, whispered “Others did not come.”
  Shen Qing Yue looked, took the next Zheng vast, “Who has not arrived yet.”
  I heard Zhou Ping, said, “There are several Xiao-yu and Frances, came to be will be.”
  W深圳桑拿网u tobacco heard a couple of names, curious and asked “all girls do.”
  Listen to this introduction with them quite familiar look.
  ”Ah, from childhood I grew up in a compound.”Shen explains a more clear.
  A table of people did not mean to wait, wait for them to start eating, and after a while, the door was pushed open person.
  Wu smoke look at the past, to see a black jacket wearing a short paragraph, the following wearing a pair of boots, short hair girl hearty smile came to see Shen Qing Yue’s eyes lit up.
  ”Shen brother.”
  Shen Qing Yue also brought you laugh, “ah.”
  Zheng vast not convinced, “Xiao-yu matter how you see your brother Zheng Zhou brother right there.”
  ”The two of you in that big pestle, I can not see how you would not be happy to call a” This Xiaoyu overturned rolled his eyes, very hot temper.
  Zheng vast grimace anger, but also Mozhe.
  That finished, she Da Lala pulled out from behind the personal and wearing a wool cap lovely girl with open round eyes, wearing a white down jacket bang bang, looked kind of family well-educated girl.
  ”Frances has come, the two of us, the others are busy cold, I do not want to move.”

  Care of the household this time just pass桑拿网 through, the unfamiliar, did not produce great ambition, so at first glance see Fengshen handsome and temperament cold man, and immediately blushed.


  Huo Marshal’s mother is half-breed, so Huo Marshal who took a quarter of foreign origin.
  Under the setting sun, the young men of the people more than the three-dimensional profile, straight nose, high collar, a small piece of cast shadows in white face.
  Huo Marshal’s eyes are particularly good-looking, clean Qingchi was like in the stone.
  The eyes are watching, when unconsciously which will drown.
  If this looks into ancient scholar Lang who estimated that high school the next day can be crushed handkerchief fruits.
  Fengshen handsome and in high places, Guancheng largest diamond bachelor.
  Su Jun pull away his hand, walked alongside the car, “Are you really my fiance do?I knock to the head, loss of memory.”
  Then, full of hope looked up at the Marshal Hall.
  Marshal indifferent, commanded, “Drive.”
  It did not give a little corner to pull Jun Su, but Su glanced play.
  The car pull away, the dust raised after the car landed Su Wan Jun incredible face.
  ”Son of a bitch thinks highly of!I do not want to marry him yet!He’ll never marry this lady!”
  Su avoid them play fast, but it is very facial expressions Routong.
  Watching the car pull away back into steel.
  Zhesi extent comparable sad old mother.
  This matchmaker to do, she villain for the Dang Zidan.
  Care of the household is strongly suspected because self-esteem after being thrown to the ground repeatedly friction, fell in love with the gentle small Italian man of the Lord.
  On the way back the car is not enough.
  Jammed there is a person not on the bus.

  Gu tired book took her sweater hat, to draw people into the store, waved his hand to let her pick the 10 senders enchant.Zhou Zhou Ji holding the clothes, make sure before entering the dressing room: “You pay?”


  ”I will also do?”
  ”.will not.”Gu tired book finished, I saw Zhou Zhou Ji suddenly relieved, holding clothes happily went in, he was a rare reflection, it is not really too poor to support her..
  Reflection result is a store spent more than three hundred thousand, Zhou Zhou Ji looked at a bunch of zero on the small ticket, excited hands are shaking: “I do not sell thirty thousand a month, also detained for three years wages, why so expensive these clothes!”
  ”.To shut up.”
  Zhou Zhou would like to say what the season, was expressionless covered his mouth Gu tired writing, holding several bags out.Two people from the first floor to the fourth floor stroll over and over, and finally with a public service by the store manager, respectful send them to the car.
  Zhou Changjun look back on the co-pilot, he could not help but praise: “Zhou Zhou is really beautiful, and she still have the girls wear skirts.”
  ”Thank you.”Zhou Zhou Ji smile curved facial features.
  At the moment, she wore a form-fitting white dress with a pair of new shoes calf, exposing beautiful slender legs, like a little princess, and before full two states.Gu looked tired book beside her, eyes the last stop on the couple watches on both wrists people.
  Ah, it is appropriate.
  Just when he wanted to look away, suddenly found Zhou Zhou regular season opponents wrist watch head exposed naked.Gu tired book paused, threat: “if you dare to sell, I’ll sell you.”
  ”.”He’s come out to see how what they thought!

Chapter 25
  ”You really have this idea?”
  Gu tired this book is really unexpected, and he has always been about the fraud, he really did not expect to make a guess: “back to me.”
  ”I do not!”Zhou Zhou Ji to see if he really want to rob, busy over his wrist bent over, the result was that he caught his hand.
  Ji Zhou Zhou afraid he stroked himself down, busy backhand holding his wrist, two people four hands intertwined, posted in the previous quarter Zhou Zhou soft belly.
  ”give me back.”
  ”I do not!How can anyone to have to go back to something!”Zhou Zhou Ji 苏州夜网dissatisfied and want to put a serious expression reason with him, but because the hand when moving always touched her waist, ticklish, she could not really stretch, place hee hee hee twist up , it did not look serious.

  Story, the care of the household this time has just come through, no memory.


  ”Who am I not important, the key is he.He’s your fiance.”
  Huo Marshal dedicated military vehicles particularly high, cold amber eyes ignore the ground from a height of two girls.
  Su play need to do is trying to fix them.
  Go to his grandmother to conduct a long, 广州桑拿网she intends to rely in Shuaifu!
  Huo Marshal amber eyes no mood swings.
  Looks particularly weak beautiful woman pulled next to the Shagu, while talking while also looked back at him, finally gave him crack a smile.
  Su Huo Marshal saw a play can not help but be happy.
  Junlian goes confuse people’s hearts in her eyes is playing a mosaic, but she liked him temperament.
  land of plenty!
  Big Bear exposed shy smile.
  He says it embarrassed her to his house to eat rice.
  Huo imitation looked beautiful eyes stare brilliance of handsome girls, enchanting and youth, vitality and weak co-exist in her.
  Abrasions on the arms were tied bandage.
  Huo imitation eyes fell on the girl’s waist, it seems enough to fill the palm gently pinch it off, vulnerable to poor.
  He knew what that kind of feeling, after all, had just experienced.
  Huo imitation decisive looked away, exposing the mouth taunt smile.
  All dodder are the same, and there is black.